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Antena CDMA
First we had USB heating gloves, which were a decent idea, although its probably difficult to type with gloves on. Now from the same company there are USB heating slippers, which are a novel idea. Get up from the computer, put them on and simply plug them back in when you return. Oh, Universal Seria...
Ponsel Satelit
You know, Ive never owned a slider phone. Strange, really, because Ive owned a LOT of phones but for some reason theres not a glut of sliders made for the US market. I think thats a shame. So of course, it broke my heart to see that the Samsung SPH-V6800 multimedia handset, indeed a fancy-lookin sli...
Web Proxy Frequently visited web sites are dynamically cached on the ClarkConnect system -- this not only reduces bandwidth, but also speeds up web browsing. Content Filter The content filter not only blocks inappropriate sites on the web, but also allows you to control what can be downloaded o...
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